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Caffyn Jesse

Caffyn is a fun, tender and caring person who loves sex, loves people, and loves to touch. She is also a widely-respected teacher of sexuality. She teaches the Canadian Professional Somatic Sex Educator / Certified Sexological Bodywork Training through the Somatic Sex Educators Association. She offers a Certificate in Intimacy Education training to advanced students…

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Dee Larsen

Belfast, Ireland “As an experienced practitioner I can support you in confidence to overcome your sexual barriers. I believe that sexual happiness is a vital part of our overall wellbeing and I offer my service to everyone regardless of orientation or ability. I have seen peoples confidence grow. My goal is to enable each individual…

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Newman Alexander

I’m a practitioner and coach with a passion for empowering you to be all that you are. I believe that those who seek the life they want are kinder, happier, more abundant people. My work is about helping you to overcome your personal obstacles so you can live the life you really want. My approach…

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Dr. Namita Caen

Healthy sexuality holds the potential for profound healing, deep intimacy, erotic pleasure and passionate loving relationships. My relationship with my own sexuality is what led me to do this work. Determined to demystify the world of sex, my studies led me to becoming a Doctor of Human Sexuality and to working with people in this…

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Sarah Rose Bright

Welcome! I’m Sarah Rose Bright, an experienced Sex & Intimacy Coach. I am on a mission to awaken sexuality out of the limitations of performance based, goal orientated sex to the expansiveness of conscious, pleasure focused sex and intimacy. From performance based sex to sex with a purpose. With this bringing more happiness, pleasure and…

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Romaine Kohler

I assist individuals and couples to explore their sexuality. My work focuses on teaching tools to enhance one's sex life, according to your needs. My sessions include talking and hands-on somatic exercises. I also offer coaching via Skype. We all deserve to have a thriving sex life, enjoy authentic relationships and experience more pleasure. I…

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Kian de la Cour

As a Certified Somatic Sex Educator (CSSE) I work together with people who have a clear sense of something they want to learn or explore in the realms of sexuality, arousal & self-regulation, intimacy and embodiment. It is an educational modality which supports people to develop a greater capacity for interoception - for feeling more and…

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Tracy Montgomery

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Tracy is a Somatic Sex Educator who invites students on a conscious journey home into their bodies and to themselves. A Certified Sexological Bodyworker, she understands that our sexuality is a powerful source of creativity, healing and joy, and that cultivating erotic energy and enhancing pleasure expands possibilities in all…

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Joseph Kramer

Founder and Director Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., is the foremost teacher of erotic massage in the world. In 1984, he founded the Body Electric School in Oakland, California, where he trained thousands of professional massage therapists, erotic bodyworkers and somatic educators. The Body Electric is the world’s largest community network offering safe sex education today--and for…

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