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Buried Pleasure

Scotland, London, Webcam Sessions

Embodied Intimacy Coach
When it comes to intimacy, sex and erotic connection your body already has the knowledge it needs.

My work is informed by the fundamental building blocks of: Breath, Movement, Sound; Body, Mind, Spirit. These are bound together by the uniting and healing power of touch.

I specialise in holding safe space for your body to be seen, heard and experienced the way it needs to be, helping you engage more fully with your own real desires and those of others. All the work we do together is led by your body and your needs. The process is fully confidential and non-judgemental. It is about allowing you to explore your own freedom, whatever that needs to be, even if it is the need to stop or change your mind!

I can help you to: Connect more with your own body or solo sex; Learn to be more conscious in your consent and intimate communication; Move beyond porn, fantasy or habitual sexual behaviours; Or simply learn techniques to deepen your body’s capacity for pleasure…
Webcam Contact £60-£80
Working Hours
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MON: 09.00 - 21.00
TUE: 09.00 - 21.00
WED: 09.00 - 21.00
THU: 09.00 - 21.00
FRI: 09.00 - 21.00
SAT: 09.00 - 21.00
SUN: 09.00 - 21.00


Mindful Masturbation Coaching

For many people masturbation is simply something functional – little more than a means of relieving pressure. But if we can’t even access our own body’s potential for pleasure, to be truly intimate with ourselves, how can we hope to find a real connection with a partner? Conscious masturbation techniques can provide a meditative practice which goes beyond either solo or partner sex and helps re-connect you with authentic pleasure in your body.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut, or unhealthy patterns with your masturbation, or whether you would like to move your masturbation from functional to fulfilling, Mindful Masturbation Coaching is a great way to begin to build a positive relationship with your own body.

Conscious Consent

Are you stuck in unconscious patterns of giving or receiving pleasure, or even just ‘tolerating’ an experience – enduring rather than enjoying? This work is aimed at moving beyond these limitations, opening up understanding, and helping you connect intimately or erotically with others in a more fully authentic way.

In intimate situations (including sexual ones) we can often allow ourselves to be coerced into something in the mistaken assumption it is consensual. We can often misconstrue something we do to another person as something we do for them. This is ideal work to experience with a partner, with my guidance, but it’s also possible to experience it with me effectively, fully clothed and with non-erotic touch.

Porn & Fantasy

Many people have come to rely on fantasy and porn in their route to pleasure. These often take you out of your body and into your head, resulting in less pleasurable, and even desensitising, experiences. Learning the ways back to your body, can reconnect you with physical intimacy, and even help establish healthier ways of incorporating fantasy or porn with a full body experience.

The process can involve a variety of practices and techniques including mindful masturbation coaching, sensate focus, hands-on bodywork, and core erotic themes, to help shift from your mind to your body, develop new neural pathways and a more conscious understanding of how to create your own pleasure from within your body, rather than relying on an external source.


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  • “I felt reassured and in safe hands. I could breathe, explore and relax, I never felt rushed.”

    - Andrew
  • “We went at my pace and I felt listened to.”

    - Andrea
  • “I was somewhat apprehensive on my drive across but Alison’s professionalism from opening the door to the moment I left had me thinking on the drive home why I'd been apprehensive in the first place.”

    - Peter
  • “An AMAZING experience which I hope to repeat very soon.”

    - Clive
  • “It is clear my practitioner was passionate about her subject, and because of this managed to pass her energy for the subject to me too!”

    - Dr Dixon
  • “It was really interesting learning about authentic consent and the different ways of touch its helped my relationship no end”

    - Frank
  • “There was constant communication and dialogue and I felt at all times in control.”

    - Suzanne
  • “The whole experience is something difficult to put into words. From the initial meeting I was put totally at ease.”

    - David
  • “Eye contact and varied techniques was the perfect combination for building trust. Amazing experience, Thank You”

    - Maz
  • “After one session I have identified areas I have never used and I’m now opening a new insight into how sexual pleasure can be explored.”

    - Elliot
  • “This was a totally new experience for me to find out the different ways of touch and mapping of where my pleasure points are and to think about how my body is feeling then putting it into words. As the session progressed this got easier and I was able to connect with the feelings and express how I was feeling better. Again, it was interesting to see how my mind and body can work together to experience pleasure such as what I felt.”

    - Drew

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